Our Coven

We are a coven of adept witches dedicated to the advancement of magickal abilities and ascension to higher levels consciousness. We are eclectic in that we blend knowledge and mastery of many paths together to create a unique and powerful practice that is our own.

Our members come from various paths initially and usually consist of those who want to take their knowledge and magickal abilities to the next level. We focus heavily on the advancement of our members’ abilities to push the limits of what can be achieved. We accomplish this through discussions, classes, hands on practice and experimentation. Through this, we are able to discover new possibilities and methods of practice. These discoveries and methods are kept sacred within the coven.

As a coven, we support and protect one another through magick or the mundane. If a member has an issue in their personal life or otherwise, they bring it to the coven and we all work together to ensure it is taken care of. Through the guidance of our Grand Master and Leader, Mokimko Flame, no problem goes unsolved and all members are protected under the power of coven. We believe in true balance in magick and embrace both the light and the dark, ensuring we remain balanced in mind, body and spirit.

The group is open to select individuals regardless of gender, race, beliefs, or sexual preference. As a magickal coven we treat each other with respect and courtesy. Simply put, we are a family. We operate on group consensus for the most part and individual input is expected. Most of all we have fun and truly enjoy each other’s company.

For those who are interested in the coven as a guest, it is required that you apply for interest in a membership. The application process is very thorough and highly selective to be approved as a guest. As a guest you may attend all open events.  Persons interested in joining the coven will remain as a guest for six months in order to get to know the members and get familiar with the coven operations. Please be sure to check the “Chapters” tab to see whether or not the chapter you are interested in is currently accepting new members. Our application and selection process is very detailed and highly competitive. We are very thorough in our selection process to ensure we keep the integrity and harmony of the coven and its members.