Our Grand Master

Since we are an eclectic coven, we do not have traditional hierarchies such as a High Priestess or Priest. We instead our leadership is structure with a Grand Master and Chapter Leaders. We operate on member consensus, whenever possible. The Grand Master is responsible for the management and leadership of the coven as a whole and all of its chapters as well as offering her guidance to its members.

Grand Master: Mokimko Flame

Mokimko is a master spell caster and energy worker of over 20 years with a vast knowledge of almost all forms of magical workings, including (but not limited to) Voodoo/Hoodoo, Hindu Magic, Egyptian Magic, Chaos Magic, Magic of the Congo, Wicca, Mind Magic, Spirit Conjuring, Dream Walking, Servitor creation, Sigil Magick, Necromancy, Santeria, Yoruba, Energy Working, etc. Also an energy healer (Reiki Master, Kundalini Master and Shaman), medium and psychic, she is extremely well rounded. Mokimko is known for her “outside the box” and innovative approach to magick and everything she does. The founder of the coven, Mokimko strives to bring the Witches of Rising Consciousness to higher levels of connection with the universe and focuses on the advancement of both individual and group magickal abilities and spiritual enlightenment.